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USGS Retirees is an organization of retirees from the U. S. Geological Survey. The organization, founded in 1973 as the WRD Retirees, is run by retirees for retirees. Its principal purpose is to keep members in touch with each other and with their former agency. While the majority of our members have a background in Water, all USGS Retirees are welcome. Retirees with a background in Geology may also be interested in the Geologic Division Retirees (

I think all of us that were long time employees of USGS know what an outstanding organization we retired from and have many interesting stories about the work we did and the people we worked with. USGS Retirees is an excellent way to maintain contact with our friends and colleagues, and also to keep up on what is going on in our former agency.

Membership is open to anyone retired from USGS. An application form may be found elsewhere on the website. Also, please note that we have a membership category, "Affiliate Member". Affiliate members are (1) retirees from the Department of the Interior and its other bureaus, (2) retirees of Federal, State, or local organizations who have had long association with and desire to remain in contact with our members, or (3) other retired persons allied with USGS by professional background or activities. Current employees can also be affiliates.

USGS Retirees has a contact person in most states. Please see the list of State Contacts on this website. Please get in touch with the contact person in your state to learn about local activities which may include breakfasts or luncheons. Regular meetings are held at about 40 locations around the U. S. The local contact person can tell you when and where these meetings are held.

National reunions are held every two years. The reunions generally last 3 days but only involve one 2-3 hour business meeting. The rest of the time we have fun! They feature several field trips, a banquet, and a hospitality room.

Our quarterly Newsletter is the best way for keeping in touch. Newsletters are available on this website and are available by e-mail for our members. We also publish the USGS Retirees Directory each year that is mailed to members.The directory is updated annually in May. If you have moved or changed your phone or email, please let us know by April.

Plan to stay in touch with your friends and former colleagues by being an active member of USGS Retirees. You'll be glad you did! Website contact:




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